Vertex Showroom takes customers inside data models

Vertex Showroom transforms data models created by a vendor or designer into virtual models that can be easily viewed by the customer on a smartphone, tablet, or computer browser before a final purchase decision is made. Of particular interest to furniture-, building- and plant designers, the service is soon to be officially released.

"A key benefit of Showroom is that the virtual model created contains all design information in an easily accessible format, leading to efficient and effortless communication from sales to delivery and product installation," Petri Rinta-Opas, Sales Manager of Vertex Systems Oy, explains.

Showroom by Vertex is a response to growing demand. People expect a service to be available quickly and flexibly and to serve their individual needs and preferences. Showroom takes the customer experience to a new level and thus supports the company's sales.

The service is currently used in the most advanced kitchen furniture design. "The customer no longer has to come to the store, but they can look at different options anytime and anywhere and communicate with the seller either within the service itself or via e-mail," Mr Rinta-Opas says.

Showroom is easy for both seller and customer to use. A custom model designed in the CAD program is published at the touch of a button and sent to the customer via email. After logging in, the customer can navigate the virtual model through an internet browser, and view or adjust details, such as lighting. They could also add comments to the virtual model, regarding furniture colours and materials, for example, or share the model with others.


A model of reality

What makes the Vertex Showroom unique is that design information is also transferred from the CAD program to the virtual model: dimensions, colour and product codes, as well as assembly and exploded views. Large industrial models provide information on pressure classes, diameters and fluids within the pipes. Accurate information is useful in many ways.

"The installer can scan the bar code of the building components delivered to the customer's yard, and Showroom will show its correct location in the model. If, on the other hand, a part is broken, the virtual model can be used to order exactly the right replacement part," Mr Rinta-Opas cites examples.  

The showroom's versatile viewing features and virtual model navigation work on all devices. Sectional images are particularly useful in housebuilding.

Development work in progress

The latest versions of Vertex's design programs already include Showroom. The service is being trialled by many well-known Finnish furniture-, construction- and plant suppliers. Showroom is in the process of transitioning from the beta to official release, but naturally, development continues.

"For example, we are in discussion with AR industry players as, especially for furniture design, there is a lot of interest in augmented reality features. This would take the service to a new dimension."

In the future, the virtual model could also be navigated under the guidance of a salesperson, Mr Rinta-Opas forecasts.