PMMHF expo in Guangzhou, May 12-14

Vertex was exhibiting at the PMMHF 2017 exhibition in Guangzhou, China in May.

This was the fifth time Vertex took part of this show and it has proven to be a very good and busy event year after year.

We had lot of visitors at our booth not just from China but also from other countries around the world, including India, Malaysia, Indonesia, England, Australia, Italy and Austria.

We would like to thank everyone who came to see us during the show. It was really great hear about your requirements for the software and your thoughts regarding where this industry is now and where it's heading in the near future.

We are hoping to see you all at the Shanghai Green Expo in July, in Beijing in October, or at the latest in Guangzhou again next May.

Please don't hesitate to contact us between those exhibitions. We are more than happy to hear from you anytime.